Fast payments to freelancers and self-employed with Pay Assistant.

We take all legal and tax risks of working with freelancers.

You get all the necessary documentation for each project with each contractor in one package.

You interact with contractors in a convenient messenger within the service.

You automate task assigning and payments to freelancers through a simple API service integration.

For ambitious companies worldwide.

Pay Assistant significantly cuts costs for companies that work with hundreds or even thousands of freelancers around the world.

Interacting with freelancers now comes down to 3 simple steps regardless of the tax jurisdiction of contractors and your company.


Experience and Competencies

Pay Assistant grew out of its creators' need for such a service for their own affiliate-marketing business, which requires the constant use of to-freelancers in ongoing work.

Most other methods do not solve this problem as easily, quickly and without extra charges.


Process Optimization

You can hire contractors for some jobs through agencies that provide full range of project services. As a result, the final price increases by 2-3 times compared to working directly with the contractor.

Pay Assistant is an automated service with the specific purpose to optimize interaction with freelancers. Thus, for the customer the final cost of using the service comes down to a small fee — 6-10% of the amount of payments. The service is free for freelancers.


Compliance With Requirements

The legal model used by Pay Assistant has been successfully operating on the market for over 6 years and has never been questioned by the regulatory authorities.

The legality of the model is also confirmed by the official ruling of Legal Opinion for the operation of the service in the EU.

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What kind of reporting can you provide to my company?
After the reporting period, we provide a full package of closing index for each work performed and service. provided.
If I have 100 freelancers, do I have to invite each one of them to the service separately?
No, you don't have to invite all your freelancers separately. You can upload a list of your contractors in the .xls / .csv format or integrate with the service via API.
Who is the payer of personal income tax in this model?
Based on the offer between Pay Assistant and the contractor, the contractor is fully obliged to declare and pay personal income tax.
Is the list of our freelancers, that we upload to the personal account, visible to other customers?
No. Customer's freelancers are visible only to the customer. This information is not transferred to third parties.

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