To customers

Single general contract

for all your projects with freelancers.

The freelance workflow optimization model is flawless from a legal standpoint.

Legal correctness of Pay Assistant service is confirmed by legal opinion for cross-border settlements.

Work easily with counterparties from any jurisdiction in the world.

You don't have to give up working with contractors from other countries.Pay Assistant service operates as a legal entity registered in all payment systems (VISA, MasterCard, E-wallets and others). This ensures international settlements for you as if all parties were in the same country.

You work under a single general contract with a legal entity in your jurisdiction, and the service takes care of all connections.

Safe Deal

You prefer post-payment on completed tasks, and freelancers prefer pre-payment. Select the 'Safe Deal' option when creating a task

The use of the feature is already included in the standard service fee.

Work with Teams of Any Size and Scale.

This will allow you to share access to different data between employees: financial information for accountants, collaboration on tasks for project managers, and so on.

Thus, the employee sees only the data on the tasks that are needed for his work. So you can easily integrate the logic of the service into your internal corporate rules

Feel in Complete Control of Key Business Processes.

Your lawyers and accountants can verify the correctness of the documents used in the service right now. Transparency and clarity of contracts guarantees you complete legal security.

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Free Up Your Time for the Really Important Business Processes

Automation of tasks and payments in your personal account

The service supports mass upload and download of task lists via XLS-files and API.

You can put on the payout from one to all completed tasks with one click. And the number of payments is unlimited.

You can also use the "Deferred Payment" function and schedule the payment for the necessary date and time.

Chat with freelancers inside the personal account with file exchange function

This allows you to manage projects in one interface and saves you from searching for files and messages on different platforms.

Full statistics in your personal account

Track all necessary information in the dashboards for projects and payments on the main page of your personal account. Download task and payout reports for any period.

One-click transfer of intellectual property rights from freelancers.

To do this, select the "copyright transfer" option when creating or editing a task. In this case, files with the results of the work are not stored on the servers of Pay Assistant, they are available only to the customer and the contractor.

Connection to the service with the conclusion of the contract — 1 day.

Registration of the personal account is instant. The connection does not oblige to anything — the commission is charged only at the time of making a payment to a freelancer.

Pay Assistant has no limitations on the volume of payments.

Your Data
Is Safe.

5 key common of maximum protection against data leakage and control of payments are provided in the service.

As a result, Pay Assistant provides customers and freelancers with maximum confidence in data leakage protection and full control of payments.
Protection of personal data according to the Privacy Policy
Unified API for cards, wallets and many more.
End-to-end encryption of files when transferring the results of intellectual activity.
Verification of user
Two-factor authentication of users when logging in to a personal account and re-requesting the password to confirm payment.


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A. Vivulskio g. 7, Vilnius (Floor 5; Room 522)


MON-FRI 09:00 - 19:00